Add a route


Modification mode

To move a point click on it and drag it to the desired position.

To delete a point move the mouse cursor over it and press the "d" or "Del" key.

To add a point click in the middle of a segment and drag the new point to the desired position

Creation mode

To start drawing the route click on the toggle button: "Draw".

Then click on the map to begin the drawing.

You can add points by clicking again.

To finish the drawing double click. When the drawing is finished you can edit it.

While creating to undo a drawing click again on the toggle button "Stop drawing".

* indicates a mandatory field

Not mandatory. Set it for dated item such as event. Format YYYY-MM-DD

Not mandatory. Set it only if you have a multi-day event. Format YYYY-MM-DD

Multimedia files
Name Url Multimedia type Display inside the description? Delete
Picture files
Name Image Display inside the description? Delete